Introduction To WordPress:
Build powerful content to drive traffic to your website

Develop the skills of building your own website that aligns with your business goals.

Get a chance to learn about installation, setup, adding content, interacting with your reader, and customizing the look

Course suitable for novice and intermediate level of users to help you grow to the next level in content management and blog publishing

Online training in a virtual classroom (led by a live instructor) and bespoke training for corporate clients also available

Expand your professional and personal network

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Every instruction is specific to your strengths and weaknesses

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Introduction to WordPress

Learn the best practices for your website, your way.
Receive training that is unique to your skills.
Practical training geared to your goals

Each lesson is taught with a fundamental objective in mind. With this, you have the freedom to test your skills for practical application. As a results driven course, you gain new ways of thinking about putting together a website through one of the best content managing systems in the world.

Grow your skills in a productive setting

With our low instructor to student ratio, your learning process will be more effective. You acquire skills not just from our wonderful teachers, but from your peers that face similar challenges to yourself.

Experienced Instructors

Beginning your design can be complex and difficult to choose out of so many options. With years of experience, our instructors will give you the shortcuts to creating an easy, yet robust web platform for yourself.

WordPress Training

Whether you are an individual just starting out, or an organization needing to run a web platform, our instructors are here to help.

We’ll make sure you have the basics down for understanding the WordPress dashboard, finding and installing plugins, managing content, and troubleshooting common problems.

Not only will our training help you to make your website or blog more robust, we will capitalize on the unique capabilities of WordPress themes and SEO plugins to improve search engine rankings.


Why Z Global Training?
Learn from the best.

Skills for a Lifetime

Understanding the core elements gives you the ability to apply these skills to any content managing system. Our world class experts provide you with resources as well so you can continue to learn and hone your skills moving forward.

Learn the Latest Trends

We offer knowledge in the most up to date applications that will set up a fresh platform for your content, and capable of being customized to your need.  Each component is taught to the best design standards in the industry.

Frequently Scheduled

Our courses are offered on a rolling basis from our traveling team. Our locations include San Diego, San Francisco, New York, Dubai, London, Singapore, and Hong Kong . We also offer bespoke training solutions for your individual company.

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