Blockchain Development & Technology

Blockchain Development & Technology (Intermediate Course)

This course goes over the functions and techniques that the Blockchain uses. Participants will engage with and study what makes this stand apart from other types of technology. It highlights the core principles of the Blockchain system – cryptographic code, confirmation methods of value exchanges, and the current digital currencies that utilize the Blockchain.

Program Benefits:

• What Is Blockchain? – Brief look into its recent development history
• What Are Peer-to- Peer transactions? – Insight into how value is stored and exchanged
on the network
• Why Cryptography? – Advantages overview
• How Does Decentralization Work? – Overview of what it takes to build this
• How To Use With Other Applications? – Learn to integrate with current digital tools
• What does it cost to use this technology? – Costs and procedures
• What is its future? – Future of Blockchain and its ensuing technology

Topics Covered:

• Explanation of technology
• Difference Between Traditional Currency Exchange and Blockchain
• Examples of Straightforward Digital Currency Exchange
• Peer to Peer Transactions

• Hash Power and Utility
• How Hash Power Relates To Value Exchanges
• Online Signatures & Communication Encoding
• Hash Pointers and Data Blocks
• Cryptocurrency Exchange Made Clear

• Decentralized Accord
• Consensus Confirmations
• Authorized and Unauthorized Systems
• Protecting the network
• Mining
• Proof of work
• Proof of stake

Current Networks
• Bitcoin
• Ethereum
• Alternative Systems, Networks, and Coins

Smart Contracts
• What Exactly are Smart Contracts
• Benefits and Use Cases
• Digital tokens
• Escrow
• Separated & Independent Networks
• Decentralized Applications (Dapps)
• Allowing The Process To Exist
• Benefits of Autonomous Networks


Who Should Enroll:

This course is planned for non-technical company directors who are commissioned with establishing business decisions about employing blockchain technology in their organizations. Some background and exposure to technology may be helpful. As this is not a technically heavy course, there are no practical exercises with programmable implementation of practice. Our instructors provide training at our office locations around the United States.

We also arrange private bespoke training seminars for organizations upon request with a choice of your locations and dates.


$735 for two days

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