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With our smart Wi-Fi Marketing services, we eliminate the gap between the business owner’s knowledge of their customers’ online activity to their offline. At Z Global Group, we offer merchants a small piece hardware that allows them to create a custom log-in portal to offer their customers Wi-FI. When the merchant’s visitors log-in, they share their email address, and that address can then be monitored on later visits to determine how often the shopper returned to the store.

In short, we help companies better understand and communicate with their customers to provide a better experience and increase their ROI.

Understand The Lifetime Value of Customer (LVoC) : Since we analyze the number of walk-ins to a location caused by use of our platform, business owners know the average spend of a shopper per visit, they can then quickly figure out how much they’re bringing in from a customer for the lifetime of their relationship with the business. This allows the business to make smarter decisions and tailor custom promotions to their most valued clients.

Capture Real ROI: Business owners can set average ticket price to determine incremental revenue associated with customers and track their success over time.

Automated & Personalized Emails: With Z Global Group’s smart email messages, you can build a real connection with your customers, sending the right messages to the right customers at the right time. Haven’t seen one of your favorite customers in a while? You can create a custom Smart Messages campaign to entice them back. We offer marketing templates and customizable customer segments to make it easy to set a trigger such as an automated email to go out to each one-time frequent shopper who doesn’t visit for 90 days.


Reputation Management: Build your reputation with good reviews. We give you the power to manage your online reputation in real-time, letting businesses point happy customers to popular review platforms while interfacing personally with any unhappy customers before they post any negative reviews.

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