Network Management

Many people think that computers are quite advanced and do not require any maintenance like other machines. But the reality is completely different from this. A network is a collection of intricate software’s and machines, which perform complicated calculations, using different parts and wires to meet processing needs of the applications and other programs. Your network requires regular maintenance for improved performance. Z Global optimizes your network performance, increasing speed and ensuring your network is secure. We customize and manage tailored solutions that are most cost-effective to your business.

  • Managed Network: We provide support and administration for routers, multi-layer switches and wireless access points. We also provide monitoring and performance reporting of all key devices.
  • Daily Operations: Z Global manages the daily operation and management of your network, including management of end-user issues and installation and upgrades of new equipment.
  • Audit and Discovery: Are you concerned about who or what is accessing your network? No need to worry. With our audit and daily scans we are able to identify new or rogue devices. All assets are identified and documented for a complete up-to-date inventory.



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