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Although Apple’s iPhones have become ubiquitous in today’s mobile market, the open-source nature of Google’s Android operating system has made it the favorite for mobile phone manufacturers. The results is an abundance of devices running on Android propelling Google’s market share to be greater than Apple’s iOS operating system. Although the market was once dominated by Apple, in recent years Google has caught up and even surpassed Apple.The diversity of Android devices presents challenges for Android developers and is the reason that many mobile app developers create apps for iOS first. Apple’s tight control over its hardware and firmware makes the mobile app development process easier, but apps on Android reach a wider range of mobile phone users.

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Z Global is experienced with developing mobile apps for Android, and we offer this service to any organizations looking to capitalize on the growing mobile market. Basic desktop websites, even with responsive design, are no longer enough to keep an edge over one’s competitors and Z Global has what it takes to deliver an app that can utilize the growing list of features available on Android devices. Contact us today to start development on your Android app!



There is perhaps no mobile device more iconic in the 21st century than the iPhone. When it was first released in 2007 it revolutionized the cellular phone industry, leaving Apple’s competitors years behind. The exclusive device represented the tech-savvy and affluent, but in recent years Apple has made serious efforts to make the devices available to lower-income demographics.Perhaps the most revolutionary feature of the original iPhone was its App Store, which allowed developers to create applications utilizing the device’s features and get paid for each time the user purchased the app. This simple relationship becomes bountiful for both Apple (who receives a cut of the revenue) and developers alike. Since its inception, many app stores on other platforms (ie Android, Microsoft, etc) have attempted to mimic the structure with amazing results.

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Anyone with a smartphone knows how much of an impact mobile applications have had on the usefulness of mobile devices and this is why Z Global offers iOS mobile app development to our clients. Why wait to have your mobile app idea realized? If you do not start developing now you can be sure that someone else will beat you to the punch.

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