Managed IT Services

Z Global incorporates a systematic and proactive support system that instantly provides managed IT services for clients servers, data centers, networks and workstations. Our team makes sure that clients are fully equipped with a strategic technology plan and perfectly maintains it to successfully achieve business objectives.

  • Onsite Support: Our technology experts provide in-depth solutions for every problem, resolving them before they get out of hand. We are available 24/7 to ensure your systems are running smoothly so you can focus on strategic business objectives.
  • Managed Desktops: We keep your desktops running. Each of your users will have access to our 800 help desk support number to help with any issues. We also provide quick response to any issues remotely from our secure NOC. If we can’t resolve the problem in a timely fashion we will dispatch an engineer at no extra charge to you.
  • Workstation/Laptop Loaner: In the event we can’t correct your problem right away we get you up and running by providing a loaner. Your users can continue working while we solve the problem.
  • Managed Servers: We provide server management, support and administration for all servers in your organization. We monitor key services from Exchange to SQL databases to ensure that all services are available to all end-users.
  • Business Reporting: Every quarter Z Global reviews the past quarter, going over past service tickets, requests and any current issues. We also go over your plans for the next quarter to align your technology goals with your business goals.



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