ERP & Accounting

Z Global focuses on the entire process of ERP & Accounting implementation. We assist organizations before and after deployment to ensure your software is working for you.

  • ERP Planning & Implementation: Our initial assessment identifies your organization’s needs and goals. Whether your current system needs tweaking or you would benefit from SAP, SAGE 100, SAGE 200, SAGE 300, or one of the many other ERP solutions, we ensure you have the right tools for both short-term and long-term objectives.
  • Custom ERP Design: Our Custom Development team includes experts who identify your business needs, draft the criteria, and develop your ERP solutions. Our custom ERP development includes document management systems, custom reporting and can provide solutions for manufacturing, supply chain management, human capital management, and more.
  • Accounting Planning & Implementation: Our team helps you identify your business needs and selects the best Accounting platform for your organization. We offer various solutions including QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Payroll, FreshBooks, and more. We understand what financial information you need to successfully manage your Accounting and Payroll.
  • Custom Accounting & Payroll: From our initial specs to the final product, we ensure our custom Accounting and Payroll solutions meet your exact specifications, including building the reports your business needs.
  • Data Splicing: Our services include converted raw data from outdated systems into your new ERP and Accounting solutions.
  • ERP & Accounting Training: Our custom training is catered to your business needs. Whether we set up one-one training, group training or virtual instruction, we ensure that you and your team understands the software.



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