Data Integration Tools

Your data is important to your business. Most naturally, it should all be accessible in place. At Z Global, we do exactly this: we integrate your data into one platform. As a result, you have a clearer understanding of the data you see. This makes it easier to make confident business decisions based on data.

All of the reporting tools you use can be assembled together in one simple dashboard. If there is a data system you use that is not on our list, we can create an integration for that.

There are many benefits to implementing our integrated system. They include:

  • Customizable data to view metrics that affect your bottom line
  • Fast integration with minimal downtime
  • Comparable data in one simple dashboard to help you answer difficult questions
  • Easy data viewing with intuitive interface
  • Robust analysis capability to shift data in ways that are most significant to your business

Z Global’s unified approach incorporates data from all platforms, channels, CRMs, financials, spreadsheets, and more. We also make it effortless for you to transfer your data if need be. An export of relevant information can be accomplished in whatever format you choose. This includes images, PDFs, or an Excel sheet for advanced calculations.

Simple Solution

All of your information is available in one easy to access environment. Determine your qualitative and quantitative strategies through the analysis, profiling, and modeling information with the help of our analytics software program. All elements that affect your ROI are available for easy viewing, making it clear to see where to take your business next.

Pre-Built Reports

Quick information is easily available through our reporting system. You have the option to choose between different reporting formats from our library. Our emphasis has been on the most commonly used data metrics so that you can always have that at your fingertips. Move quickly between your account balance, sources of leads, sales revenue, and more.

With easy access, you are able to have data as the center of your business as it should. Make more data-driven decisions with all of your marketing and sales information in one place. This automated data can also provide insights such as:

  • The timing of purchases for certain products from customers
  • The cost-per-lead for each customer from paid advertising
  • Whether it is better to use organic or paid traffic for your business
  • The return rate of existing customers


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