CRM Implementation


Customer Relationship Management systems are one of the most effective ways to build relationships with current and prospective customers. Keeping track of leads, tracking customer interactions and driving sales are just a few benefits of having a CRM system that works with your individual business. Perhaps the greatest asset of a CRM system is ensuring your business has a database of all customer data.

  • CRM Planning & Implementation: Z Global analyzes your current sales workflow and recommends the best CRM software for your organization. Whether your business would thrive with Salesforce, Zoho, Highrise, or one of the many other CRM solutions, we recommend the best solutions based on your individual needs.
  • Custom Field Setup: Pre-built CRM solutions may have many functions and features relevant to your organization, but can be missing something you need. We can setup and test custom fields in your in your current or future CRM, ensuring everything is captured correctly.
  • Sales Process Management: Your sales process is one of the most important factors to having successful sales. Z Global integrates your sales workflow into your CRM and helps streamline the entire process, ensuring your time and resources are being put where they matter most.
  • Data Splicing: Z Global specializes in converting raw data from your previous systems into your new CRM solution. Our experts ensure that all of your information is migrated quickly and correctly so that your Sales Team can continue driving profits while we take care of the technology.
  • Custom CRM Design: After analyzing and understand your current workflow, we design your CRM to your exact specifications. We specialize in integrating your CRM across multiple departments while streamlining daily operations.
  • CRM Training: Proper training ensures your Team is spending their time and resources where it matters the most, driving sales. We offer a variety of training options from one-on-one training to virtual instruction.


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