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Today, 60% of businesses say the cloud is top priority, while 70% are using or exploring cloud service solutions. Cloud adoption is becoming a business decision that enables more than just optimized IT wins. Z Global analyzes your current data and systems and recommends the best Cloud solution for you. Some benefits include:

  • Remove limitations and pain points of existing on-premise solution.
  • Eliminate business risk associated with owning IT.
  • Free existing internal resources from mundane day-day IT tasks.
  • Increase staff productivity with anytime access.
  • Increase financial control & flexibility while eliminating capital expenditure.

The Cloud comes in many different formations and configurations. Organizations can host a private cloud on their own infrastructure for enhanced security, deploy and scale rapidly on public cloud services, or take a hybrid approach for the best of both worlds. Our seamless migration ensures you will have access to your digital assets and management with minimal downtime.

Private Cloud

A private cloud is company owned, managed and customized. Because of this, your data is protected by your firewall, offering enhanced security and control. This is a wonderful option for large companies with expensive data centers, as they can use their existing infrastructure. However, this can be costly to maintain and upgrade for medium and smaller businesses.

Public Cloud

A public cloud is owned and managed by a service provider. What this means is that your data will be stored in their infrastructure system. The main benefit of a public cloud is rapid configuration and deployment with reduced costs. Furthermore, you will not need to maintain the data center, as the service provider does this for you. The drawback to a public cloud is that you cannot control the security of the data management. The good news is that security breaches are minimal.

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud solution offers the best of both worlds. You can decide what you want to virtualize. A hybrid cloud allows you maintain your sensitive data on a private cloud while moving your non-sensitive data to the public cloud. This allows for reduced costs and increased cloud security. If the public cloud does get breached, your digital assets will still be protected within your private cloud.


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