PPC For Beginners

One-Day PPC for Beginners

Have you ever seen sponsored advertisements that appear in the beginning of the Google’s search result page? It is called as Pay per Click (PPC) advertising. Well, it is a marketing strategy that uses search engine advertising to generate clicks to your websites rather than earning them organically.

The one-day PPC training course is designed to assist beginners on structuring and managing PPC campaigns to increase the volume and quality of visitors visiting your website. Also, it will let you understand how to reduce the managing cost.

PPC Trivia: Did you know Google wasn’t the first company to use PPC? Yes, an online directory named “Planet Oasis” provided links to different websites and thus started PPC in 1996 formerly a ‘pay-per-visit’ model.”

Program Benefits

  • Understand the importance of PPC in the search marketing.
  • Keys to develop and implement PPC campaigns that help you increase high quality clicks as well as raise quality scores.
  • Learn about a bid management strategy to increase quality visitors and minimize cost per click.
  • Understanding key metrics of CPC (cost per click), CPA (cost per acquisition), and conversion rates
  • Gain the skills of building highly effective PPC ads to encourage click-through.

Topics Covered

  • An overview of PPC ad system
  • Explain search world terminologies like Google Adwords
  • Share the importance of producing highly specific and targeted keywords and how to embed these in ad copy
  • Demonstration on how to create and manage a Google Adwords account and campaign
  • An introduction of how to using the Google Keyword research tool
  • Steps to create Sitelinks in ads
  • Discuss and explain the benefits of using different match types
  • Benefits of maintaining high quality scores
  • Briefing on how to create well-crafted and optimized ad copy
  • Steps to create conversion points in your website that track performance of ads
  • Discussion on various PPC case studies
  • A brief discussion on Google Display Network

Who Should Enroll

This course is designed for marketers and business owners who want to use PPC marketing techniques to drive highly qualify traffic to their site and increase sales.

Price: $375

To view when and where this course and others will be offered, please check out our training schedule.


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