Introduction To E-Commerce

Introductory Course on E-Commerce: How to Build, Launch, and Grow an Online Store:

E-Commerce is becoming the main way in which companies to sell and support their services. As new technologies allow for cheaper ways to scale business, it has become more important today to form an online presence.

This seminar will provide the essential tools to effectively build and promote a website that is aligned to your business. Attendees will also learn to create a website domain and host, establish an online marketplace through a shopping platform, and use demographic data from web contacts and social media. From the start, you will be engaged with practical training that will deepen your awareness of online business.

Program Benefits:

  • Developing the skills to promote business through low-cost advertising
  • Gaining techniques to develop new markets specific to your business and obtaining new customers
  • Identifying where to reduce costs to buyers from increased competition on-line
  • Reduce business overhead and enhance business management
  • Creating and maintain customer to client database
  • Improving market analysis, product analysis, and customer analysis

Topics Covered:

  • Setting up your site’s domain and host
  • Integrating shopping platforms for your e-commerce site
  • Inventory of traditional selling channels (Amazon, E-bay, OLX, and Craiglist)
  • Walkthrough of Shopify, the leading ready-to-plug shopping platforms for websites
  • Establishing Online Payment Platforms for your business
  • Shipping and Fulfillment
  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  • Introduction to SEO/SEM & Display Marketing

Who Should Enroll:

This training session is ideal for those who are looking to broaden and update their knowledge about the emerging trends in digital selling. It is also perfect for “brick-and-mortar” businesses that wish to increase their market clientele through online business. Lastly, business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales directors that wish to renew their strategies will be well suited for this course.

Price: $350

To view when and where this course and others will be offered, please check out our training schedule.


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