Diversity and Inclusion Training

Diversity and Inclusion Training

Our diversity and inclusion training offers companies a solution to help maximize individual, team, and organizational potential. A diverse team fosters a more inclusive, creative, and productive environment for individuals and organizations to succeed.

Program Benefits:

  • Harness the diverse potential of your workforce to increase collaboration and performance.
  • Learn how to manage conflicts and disagreements.
  • Communicate inclusively and effectively with your employees.
  • Recognize diverse strengths and growth opportunities
  • Analyze your workforce and understand cultural competencies with regards to human capital management
  • Gain an understanding on how biases can impacts collaboration innovation and overall performance

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to diversity and inclusion
  • Bridging differences in culture and communications
  • Managing disagreements and misunderstandings
  • Understanding unconscious bias and inequalities
  • Developing a more inclusive workplace
  • How cultural background affects our behaviors, responses, and beliefs.
  • How to lead a multicultural team to success
  • Practicing a multicultural dialog with individuals and teams

Who Should Attend:

Company HR Managers, Learning and Development Professionals, and Executives who understand the need to gain new competencies to create a more productive workforce and workplace.

Price: $450

To view when and where this course and others will be offered, please check out our training schedule.


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