Attribution Workshop

Attribution Analytics Workshop

With so many different channels of acquiring leads, data analytics proves to be the foremost technique to develop a comprehensive approach for your business. It is essential for understanding campaign performance, increasing response rate, and improving ROI.

This curriculum provides the tools necessary to understanding the latest in cross device tracking, linking offline performance to online action, and generating organic leads. Different practices to measure attribution will be delivered. Build on what you already know about related industry behaviors to your repertoire of marketing methods.

Program Benefits:

  • Develop the skills needed to define business value of measurement and attribution practices
  • Identify the unique elements of organizational readiness for measurement and attribution actions
  • Acknowledge aforementioned elements in your own association and utilize them to determine your company’s organizational readiness for measurement and attribution activities
  • Review the performance of marketing channels using fundamental attribution techniques
  • Distinguish the similarities and differences between readily-available and proprietary online attribution tools
  • Execute an attribution analysis of a sample data set to determine recommended media allocation

Topics Covered:

  • Reviewing the need for attribution and measurement models in today’s marketing climate
  • Reviewing the Demand-Side-Platforms (DSP’s) and using single interface to manage digital advertising data
  • Studying cross device tracking for enhancement of marketing techniques
  • Connecting the consumer decision journey to proper attribution
  • Developing an omnichannel approach to your business model for seamless integration
  • Improving deductive reasoning in application to drawing relationships between events in the absence of concrete data
  • Acquiring skill set for proper correlation analysis and linear regression modeling
  • Engaging in sampling and confidence intervals as well as excel activism
  • Familiarization with common attribution tools including Google Analytics, SiteCatalyst, and WebTrends
  • Recognizing emerging online trends of the future

Who Should Enroll:

Business professionals working with marketing, web design, and e-Commerce will all find this course to be ideal to improve their skills. Managers wishing to develop and implement a nuanced strategy to building a sustainable website with a comprehensive market will also find this training to be useful.

Price: $585

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