Introduction To SEO

One-Day Introductory to SEO

Are you looking for a course, which is not very long and offers the best SEO training? Well, if yes, then you have come to the right place. This one-day course helps you learn about SEO techniques and develop your skills to improve search engine rankings. Also, you get to know various ways to increase website traffic, optimize for targeted keywords.

SEO is a key component, which is quite frequently used in inbound marketing. It is considered as a best friend of your business because it helps in driving traffic to your website by ranking higher on search engine results eventually maximizing advertising campaigns.

Program Benefits

  • The course offers comprehensive knowledge of the key features required to improve and grow the organic search ranking of a website or webpage.
  • You will get a chance to go through each and every step that is required for SEO.
  • Learn how to identify customer-centric keywords and start developing your own keyword worksheet for SEO purpose.
  • Steps to tag the best HTML web pages for the On-Page feature.
  • Understand the importance of Links and what are the steps to get links to your website
  • The course also includes other features, such as website architecture and design, SEO for local search, site audit, SEO tracking.
  • On completion, you should be confident about SEO.

Topics Covered

  • An overview of SEO
  • On-Page SEO best practices
  • Keyword research and competitive analysis
  • Design and architecture
  • Site optimization and best practices
  • Link-building
  • Local search using SEO
  • SEO site audit
  • SEO algorithm updates
  • SEO tracking
  • SEO tools

Who Should Enroll

  • All stakeholders in a business who wish to bring their business to social media world. It can be business owners, marketing executives, directors, entrepreneurs, civil servants, etc.
  • Content writers. Why? Because there’s a huge demand for on-page SEO knowledge in the market and if you master this skill then you earn an edge over other writers.

Price: $350

To view when and where this course and others will be offered, please check out our training schedule.

Location Dates
San Diego 12/18/17

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