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We provide a range of executive, specialist and short courses taught by industry professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds in the field.  Our concentrations are in digital marketing, conversion, and technology with specialist courses developing in areas such as analytics, e-mail marketing and wordpress development.

These courses can be tailored to meet the unique needs of individual companies and participants.  We offer public courses worldwide on a rolling schedule,  and we arrange private bespoke trainings for organizations upon request with choice of content, locations and dates.

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Start DateEnd Date# of DaysCourseLocationCost
2018-08-172018-08-171Stakeholder Management MasterclassHong Kong$635
2018-09-242018-09-241Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Online$39.60 (Early Bird)
2018-09-252018-09-251Introduction to Social Media Marketing (SMM)Online$39.60 (Early Bird)
2018-09-262018-09-261Conversion TacticsOnline$74.50 (Early Bird)
2018-09-272018-09-271Pay-Per-Click (PPC) For BeginnersOnline$49.50 (Early Bird)
2018-09-282018-09-281Introduction to WordPressOnline$59.60 (Early Bird)
2018-10-022018-10-021Introduction to E-Commerce CourseOnline$74.25 (Early Bird)
2018-10-032018-10-031E-Commerce Advanced Training CourseOnline$111.75 (Early Bird)
2018-10-042018-10-041Attribution Analytics CourseOnline$87.50 (Early Bird)
2018-10-052018-10-051Introduction To E-Mail Marketing CourseOnline$49.50 (Early Bird)
2018-10-082018-10-081Introduction To E-Mail Marketing CourseOnline$111.75 (Early Bird)
2018-10-092018-10-091SAP DevelopmentOnline$149.25 (Early Bird)
2018-10-102018-10-101Diversity & Inclusion Training CourseOnline$49.50 (Early Bird)
2018-10-112018-10-111A/B Testing CourseOnline$111.75 (Early Bird)
2018-10-122018-10-121Introduction To Blockchain CourseOnline$74.25 (Early Bird)
2018-10-122018-10-121Stakeholder Management MasterclassSydney$635
2018-10-152018-10-151Blockchain Development & Technology Training (Intermediate Course)Online$99.50 (Early Bird)
2018-10-162018-10-161EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Fundamental CertificationOnline$74.50 (Early Bird)
2018-10-172018-10-171Stakeholder Management MasterclassDubai$636
2018-10-212018-10-211General Data Protection Regulation GDPR Training CourseDubai$675

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